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I remember when I was first touched by His Noodly Appendage just like it happened a few hours ago...Oh, but wait. It did just happen a few hours ago. Anyways, I have now devoted (if not my life) than a great portion of my day to spreading The Word of The Flying Spaghetti Monster:

I believe in the One Monster, Creator of Goodness and of Nourishment, and of Sustenance.

I believe in the Pasta, and the Sauce, and the Meatballs, for they provide me all that I need.

I believe in the Many Beverages that the Flying Spaghetti Monster provides, for they engender true fellowship and will quaff them heartily, whether it be Beer, or Wine, or Sweet Ice Tea (in the South), or even Milk or Kool-Aid, for it is not good to withhold fluids, and we need to take care of our Bodies, the Beneficiaries of His Holy Goodness.

I believe that in his Creamy Deliciousness, He has given us the healthful Green Salad, the Yummy Garlic Bread, and the Blessed Cheese for the top of our Spaghetti, and If we eat All our Dinner, a Dessert of Extreme Chocolateness will surely follow, preferably Dark Chocolate, for it is Good. (That part's my idea, the dark chocolate part.)

I believe that Our Wonderful Flying Spaghetti Monster is neither Male, nor Female, but is instead beyond the reaches of the gender confusion of Man and Woman Kind, yea, the FSM is ageless, timeless and all-encompassing.

I believe that FSM has created all there is for our entertainment and sustenance, and has given unto us the mental capacity to adapt the mythologies of This Universe to aid and comfort us here, until that day we are able to join together at the foot of the Beer Volcano and enumerate our specifications at the Stripper Factory so that happiness and contentedness and good cheer be present for all, forever and forever,


Presented unto you as instruction in the Faith, and to answer some questions up front.
(As written by Auntie Dee Dee)